Thursday, April 25, 2013
    Here it is just 16 days before opening of fishing here on Upper Red Lake and it still looks and feels like March.  Today we did see more melting than we have for a long time, still there is no water running down the ditches like there should be and Shotley Brook is still locked up solid.  In fact I still have over 100 road markers left to pick up on the lake, yesterday when I last checked they were still frozen in I need them to loosen up some so I can retrieve them before ice out.
    Over the past several years I have developed quite a following on this fishing report page, last winter for many different reasons I let everyone down by not updating this page more often.  The day has finally come for me to get up to speed, I will now be posting my report on Facebook.  I am sure that this way Joani and I can keep everyone up to speed on a more regular basis. 
    Again thanks for putting up with me,

As soon as I figure out to put a link to my Facebook page I will place it here, for now look us up at “ROGERS ON RED” on Facebook…

Rogers' on RED

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