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September 24th, 2015

Rogers Welcomes

Kristilee Christensen

44 1/2″ Northern Pike / 24″ Girth         

KristileeIMG_1443202512399Kristilee Christensen
was a West Coast Girl most of her adult life and growing up it was never about hunting or fishing therefore she never dreamed she would want to try it either, but she is thankful she did, she learned patience, trust and determination. It changed her life forever. When she moved to North Dakota, there seemed to be no end to her outdoor interests. Whether it was stalking big game, flushing upland birds and waterfowl or angling for all species of fish, she became comfortable and truly happy as long as she was enjoying everything the outdoors had to offer.

In 2012, she won her first tournament and from that moment on she has been hooked on the competition side of fishing. When she is not tournament fishing or pre fishing she is traveling across the US targeting different species of fish on lakes like the California Delta, Clear Lake (CA), Sakakawea (ND), Missouri River (ND), Lake of the Woods (MN), Winnibigoshish (MN), Bass Lake (MN), Mille Lacs (MN), Pokegama (MN), Splithand Lake (MN), Leech lake (MN), Upper Red (MN), LakeTexoma (TX), and many more. One day she hopes to say “if it swims, she caught it”.

Kristilee now resides in Grand Rapids (MN), she can’t wait to see where the day’s adventure will take her, she says “I wasn’t born into the outdoors; I was born to be in the outdoors”. One of Kristilee’s goals has been to get more woman and children out with their husbands/fathers and enjoy the family time in the great outdoors. We look forward to having her join us at Portavilla & Rogers Resort. Kristilee will be checking in with guests, coordinating the OtterTrain and working with our staff pre-fishing areas ahead of our house moves.


September 25th, 2015

Proposed Rule Change

There has been quite a few rumors on bag limits and slot changes. What has been proposed has been a 3-fish bag limit with one over 17 inches December – June 15th 2016. This still has to be finalized and is subject to change but this is what has been presented. We feel given the data, the potential increased pressure and managing multiple year classes of fish this proposal at this time best fits Upper Red Lake.


news release

Less restrictive Red Lake winter walleye regulations announced

(Released November 9, 2015)

Anglers fishing Upper Red Lake this winter will be able to keep three walleye – one more than last winter’s limit – and those fish can be from a broader size range.

Effective Tuesday, Dec. 1, the daily bag and possession limit for Red Lake will be three walleye, only one of which may be longer than 17 inches.

Last winter, anglers could keep two walleye, one of which could be longer than 26 inches. All walleye 17-26 inches had to be immediately released.

“In fall assessment netting by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Red Lake Band of Chippewa, there was high walleye abundance and large numbers of fish from 12 to 21 inches,” said Gary Barnard, DNR Bemidji area fisheries supervisor. “The coming winter’s less restrictive regulations are based on the excellent status of Red Lake’s walleye fishery.”

The DNR and the Red Lake Band have developed a joint harvest plan that governs walleye harvest on an annual basis. The harvest plan was recently revised for the first time since the walleye fishery reopened in 2006 after being closed in the 1990s due to overharvest.

Harvest regulation options were the topic at a Red Lake Citizen Advisory Committee meeting in late September.

“The Citizen’s Advisory Committee wholeheartedly endorses the new winter regulations for the 2015-2016 ice fishing season,” said Advisory Committee member Joe Corcoran. “We are optimistic these regulations will be successful at keeping walleye harvest within the established target harvest range for the winter season.”

More information on Red Lake fishing regulations are available on the fishing Web page.