Ice Fishing Winter 2011/2012
Rentals and Rates
    At this time we no less than 11 fishing guides working out of our resort most all of them have fish houses to rent here at ROGERS' maybe one of them can fix you up.  I highly recommend that you call and make reservation for most of them to fill up fast, especially on weekends.

Up North Ice Rentals  320-492-4461
Joe Karp alias "Joe Crappie"  218-244-3614
South Shore Fish House Rentals  218-368-1613
Don's Red Lake Ice Fishing  218-370-9594

Port-A-villa 612-369-6351
North Woods Fish Houses  218-556-6570
Outdoor Authority 763-244-7915

"What we do have"
* MarCum LX-1pro $25.00 per day. (deposit required)
* 15,000 BTU gas heaters mounted on a 20# tank $17.50 per day. (deposit required)

Lake Access Fees

* Lake access fee $10.00 a day or  $15.00 per weekend per vehicle (car, truck, ATV etc.).
* Wheeled house storage on shore $1.00 per day (winter season only)

    The access fee (and summer storage fee) does not include any snow plowing any and all plowing will be done on an hourly basis, this season it will be $50.00 per hour, the typical driveway usually only takes 15 minutes to ½ hour.
    At this time we have over 150 fish house to tend and because of this we
will NOT be plowing driveways on a regular basis.  You will have to give 24 hours notice, at least, if you are coming to use your house or there will be a extra $20.00 charge for the driveway when you arrive. If you plan on using your house during the week we need 24 hours notice to have your driveway plowed. If you ever have and doubts about the weather conditions on the lake, call before you drive up as it takes very little snowfall with any kind of wind to plug roads. Please understand we cannot predict the weather but we will do our very best with keeping the roads plowed.

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